Apartment Culture in Culture Capital Kolkata

kolkata real estate apartment/flat in kolkata for saleKolkata, West Bengal is known for its diverse culture in India and is the capital of the state West Bengal. It has been the financial and cultural center of eastern India for a long time. People living in Kolkata are strongly bonded with each other and sharing the same localities from several generations. The arrival of liberalization has had its effects over this city too and the demand of independent units giving away to apartments which were earlier not there in the lifestyle of Kolkata. The Migration of people into this city along with the rise in better job opportunities with IT sector reaching its land availability to a shortage stage now. Continue reading

Ganga Jamuna Bhagirathi praised for Unique Superior Features

Ganga Jamuna Bhagirathi

With the launch of Ganga Jamuna Bhagirathi, R.S Enterprises succeeded in acquiring an appreciable niche in the real estate industry of Kolkata. It would be wrong to consider that their current success is a lottery or windfall. I think, it was never a chance of success. One should remember the success of their previous projects apart from that.

If R.S Enterprises Ganga Jamuna Bhagirathi has been considered as one of the best residential apartment for living comfort life then it is just because of its superior quality and higher level perfection. R.S Enterprises remained very keen to keep the quality in development and this is visible in each and every part and parcel of the housing project. Continue reading